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Casual Team Battle『LOCO ~LAND OF CHAOS ONLINE~』 Finally! Announcement of the beginning of live service and release of pre-service information  


C&C MediaOffice Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative & CEODane Wu heretofore C&C MediaCasual Team BattleLOCO LAND OF CHAOS ONLINE~』 (heretofore: LOCO, announcement of the beginning of live service on April 26th, 2013 at 18:00(JST)



 Release GuideCasual Team BattleLOCO LAND OF CHAOS ONLINE~』


■ Announcement of the live service today

■ Comments from the operation team regarding service

■ Outline of live service

Announcement of participation method

Adjustments from the CBT and OBT

Additional elements after live service begins

■ Announcement of the free gift during Golden Week


Beginning of Live Service】

After the α test, CBT and OBT, today we announced that the live service will begin. When the live service of LOCO begins, we will continue to modify content and make balance adjustments.  


We are on our players' side. We will make LOCO become a more attractive and interesting game. Please enjoy it and feel free to invite your friends.

Of course, for the beginners who see LOCO for the first time, please come join us and enjoy its "Casual Team Battle."


Everyone can enjoy it

【『LOCO Official Site


Outline of Live Service 】

1)    Item Shop Open


2)  Introduced 2 new types of "New Lobby Card" and there is now a total of 20  heroes.

At a certain time, we will provide 5 kinds of cards for free trials.


3) During the CBT, we received comments/advice from users in regard to the three maps we used. We decided to use these three maps in the game.  


4)  During Golden Week, until May 9th, permanent hero cards can be purchased by in-game coins. Previously, it could only be purchased as premium content. We will continue to make different purchase methods and promote everyone to participate in LOCO. Even after the campaign, hero cards can still be purchased by in-game coins.


5)  For new users who want to start playing LOCO  

By registering as a free member on the online game portal site MK-STYLE, you can play it for free. For users who are already registered as MK-STYLE members but haven't started playing LOCO; please activate the game on your




6)  For the people who hold an ID from the following external sites

For the people who hold one of the following accounts: Yahoo! Japan, mixi, livedoor, BIGLOBE, facebook, and twitter; you can play LOCO directly using that login. At any page, please click the "Open ID login" button and proceed to the game.


LOCO Golden Week NETCASH Campaign】

During the campaign period, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for the people who use NET CASH to purchase MK points, we will give a chance of reimbursing half the amount of cash to one out of every 25 candidates by drawing of lots.    


Regardless of the amount purchased, we will return 50% of the amount purchased by our winners!  


Campaign Period

Golden Week Special Period

0:00JSTFriday, April 26th 2013 23:59 (JST)Monday, May 6th 2013,

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3 days.


                          Please don't miss the Golden Week campaign!


Finally the Commercial Service Begins!

We are waiting for everyone's participation!  Let's meet in the game



In LOCO's world, players can control one character and five players can team up to confront enemy teams which we refer to as Casual Team Battle.


Players' actions are the key to decide which team will be victorious. In addition, the tutorial is designed to be very helpful so beginners can easily get used to the battle system without having to memorize any complicated operations. The over the shoulder camera view allows players to control characters directly and intuitively. The game adapts action elements with a free-targeting attack system so players can move and attack fluidly.


■What is Casual Team Battle?  

Individual and team-based actions will determine which side comes out on top in the end. Victory comes with a great sense of achievement since everyone had to work so hard to reach it. Form teams with your friends. Play together for fun and don't worry about who wins or loses. This is the spirit of Casual Team Battle.


■Variety of Characters

There are a total of 18 individual characters in LOCO. Many illustrations are available on our teaser site under the "Heroes" section. Detailed information of the characters will be released soon on LOCO's main site. We hope you look forward to seeing what we have to offer!



■Check out the latest information of official site Twitter@LOCO_JPN」!

LOCO Official Site Twitter:


LOCO's game system and any relevant information will be published soon. As for detailed information regarding release dates, service schedules, we will release them as soon as possible.


■Title Copyright

Copyright (c) C&C Media Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright (c) Danal games Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.





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