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When you use this site, please ensure that you read the following information.

- In order to duly protect customer privacy, the personal information of our customers will be managed in an appropriate manner.

In order to duly protect customer privacy, the personal information of our customers will be managed in an appropriate manner. We hereby advise our standards for handling personal information on this site, including what kind of information will be collected, how it will be used and the scope of information sharing.
“Personal Information” refers to the following information.
  • 1.Names
  • 2.Addresses
  • 3.E-mail addresses
  • 4.Telephone numbers
Other descriptions or numbers, codes, or other coded images and sounds that individuals provide, which may be used to identify those individuals (including information that may not be used to identify individuals on its own, but may easily be cross-checked with other information to do so) and information that is provided when an individual makes an inquiry etc., where it is a condition that the individual is able to be identified.

This company may collect personal information for the following purposes:

In the course of the business of the company (below: “Company Business” ? defined below), information that is related to the shipment of products and relevant after-sales service, new products and services and events.
In the course of Company Business, analyses that are related to new product development or customer attitudes etc.
◎What is the Company Business?
Online game publishing
Internet cafe publishing

In regards to cookies and site access log analysis, this company may use cookies.

Cookies are things that record information such as the type of pages that were visited by site users. On this site, when each page is browsed, the following information will automatically be collected for access log analysis. It will not, however, be used for any other purpose.
  • 1.The time when you accessed the site
  • 2.Your IP address
  • 3.Your host name
  • 4.The web browser that you used
  • 5.Your screen resolution
  • 6.The link origin
  • 7.If you used a search engine to visit this site, the words that you used in your search

The Links that are shown on the Web pages of this Site

As regards links to third-party sites, this company is unable to take responsibility for the handling of personal information that visitors provide when they browse a third-party site via a hyperlink that is displayed on a webpage of this site. Please refer to the regulations etc. related to the handling of personal information that are stipulated at each link destination.
As regards safety control measures, in accordance with the necessary scope of the purpose of use, this company stores the personal information that it acquires in its most recent and accurate form. Against the risk of such personal information being lost, falsified, leaked etc. due to unauthorized access, this company complies with the “Guidelines Targeting the Economic Industrial Sector Regarding the Personal Information Protection Law” issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and employs safety measures that are technically and organizationally reasonable and strict.
After contracts that consider the protection of personal information, including management responsibility, supervision and reporting obligations, have been signed, as part of their business, entities that are subcontracted by C&C Media Co., Ltd. will come into contact with personal information that is required in order for them to perform contract work for this company, and therefore, they will use this information. However, the information will not be used for any other purpose than that described.
As regards the provision of personal data to third-parties, this company will not provide third parties with the personal data of its customers without the permission of all concerned and except in circumstances described below.
In the event that it is mandated by law
In the event that it is required to protect human life, limb or property
In the event that it is particularly necessary for public health or the sound development of children
In the event that it is required in order to cooperate with the government etc.
This company will regularly revise this Privacy Policy and may, if necessary, make amendments. In this case, an official announcement etc. that details the amendments will be displayed on the Homepage.
Please direct any inquiries related to personal information to the personal information contact shown below:
C&C Media Co., Ltd.
Contact for the Handling of Personal Information
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