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Golden Week Event Open! Brand new style of action game "DARK BLOOD" that stimulates your primal instincts. Announcement of adding new items which are useful for your adventure


Online game portal site "MK-STYLE", as well as the online game operator C&C Media (OfficeChuo-ku, Tokyo,  Representative & CEODane Wu), for the brand new style of action game "DARK BLOOD" that stimulus the fighting instincts. Announcement of holding Golden Week event starting Thursday, April 25th, 2013.  


Event Guide

■One chance per day! Announcement of "YOUR LUCKY BOX"

■Let's run through Golden Week! Announcement of "Golden Week Double Up"

■Announcement of the event for DARK BLOOD: user questionnaire-dungeon

Brand new style of action game "DARK BLOOD" official site that stimulates your primal instincts


■One chance per day! Announcing of "YOUR LUCKY BOX"

During the event, using a "LUCKY BOX EXCHANGE TICKET" will give the player a "MIKI'S LUCKY BOX". In addition to the daily ticket, building up a stress level of 30 in the game will reward the player with a second ticket (once per day). This way, players can receive up to two tickets each day. Furthermore, any purchases in the "Dark Blood Cash Shop" will also give players a ticket based on the amount purchased. Also, from Thursday April 25th through Wednesday May 15th there are other bonus items that players will receive according to the amount of Cash they purchase as shown below:



Detailed Campaign Information

During the ticket exchange period the following bonus items can be acquired by purchasing the appropriate amount of Cash.






■Let's run through Golden WeekAnnouncing the "Golden Week Double Up" campaign.



For Dark Blood, we will hold the "Double-Up Campaign" consisting of double experience points and one and a half times item drop rate on Wednesday, April 24th 2013.  Furthermore, during the event period if the player spends at least 2 hours in-game, they will receive an "Attendance Stamp" item.  Anyone who holds at least seven "Attendance Stamps" will be placed in a drawing where twenty winners will receive a "Vehicle Extension Ticket [30days]." We will also hold other new registration campaigns so please don't miss it.



Golden Week Double Campaign


■ Announcing the DARK BLOOD user questionnaire-dungeon



Presently, via the "USER QUESTIONNAIRE-DUNGEON " we are collecting requests and comments from every user. Users who participate in the questionnaire event are entered into a drawing where 30 winners will receive a "Workman's Bag" with 20 inventory slots (bound to character).  We look forward to everyone's participation.







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