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Prerelease!"Torchlight II" Announcement of the Opening of the Official Website 


C&C Media, Office Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative & CEODane WuheretoforeC&C Media, announcement of the opening of the official website for PC action RPG "Torchlight II" on Thursday, April 25th today. 


Other announcements include important points from purchasing the game to online play.  We will also introduce the methods of purchase outside of MK-STYLE.


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■Official Website


The official website opened today.

In addition to the game's introduction, the client download and product key

purchase can also be done on the website. (It is necessary to register with MK-STYLE and charge MK points in advance. )  In order to commemorate the first Japanese version of Torchlight series, we released a limited version of desktop wallpaper for PC on the official website.  Please feel free to choose the illustration and the size you like.

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Release Date April 26th , 2013 15:00 (JST)

Client download and sales of product keys by MK-points will be available from April 26th at 15:00 (JST). Please don't forget to purchase MK points in advance!


■Important Points for Purchase and Installation

1. By just downloading the client, you can enjoy playing to the end of Act1 free of charge without purchasing a product key. Of course, after unlocking the full version, you can continue playing with the same character data.


2. After decompressing the download file from MK-STYLE, please read "read before playing.txt" (はじめにお読みください.txt) in advance and proceed along the instructions.


3. On the release date there will be a patch from the official site. After installing the game, it cannot be guaranteed that the full version will unlock completely without the patch, so we suggest that everyone connect to the internet again and start the game.  The patch will proceed automatically.

To unlock the full version by using a product key, it is necessary to connect to the internet.


■Internet Play

You can enjoy playing the additional function of multiplayer over the Internet in this version.  However, it is necessary to register a "Runic ID" from the service provider (developer) of Runic Games Inc. in advance.  In addition to the registration and playing for free, we also prepared a Japanese registration page for you.


Runic ID Free Registration PageJapanese):


Due to the game's specifications, online multiplayer can only be done with other players using the same language settings.   

However, as the language can be changed in the options menu it is possible to play with non-Japanese speaking players.   

For more details, please refer to the
"Torchlight 2"FAQ Page


■Can we purchase it somewhere other than MK-STYLE?

Other than the official website, you can purchase it from the PC Download Game Store of Amazon Japan, Game & Software Download Selling Site- "Vector PC Shop" and PC Game Download Site-"GameLiner". The price is the same as official site-1,980 Japanese yen (tax included).  Those who doesn't possess an MK-ID can also purchase it.


Amazon Japan
Vector PC Shop

OK, finally it's time to go on an adventure!

Once again, we need to save people from those monsters while amassing great wealth.

Let's make our name in the Torchlight world.


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