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Company Milestones

2001/6 Company founded as a subsidiary of ATLAS, started with mobile related business and as an advertising agency in Kagurazaka, Shinjyuku-ku.
2005 Started Net Café Business and MK-STYLE (M as Manga [Comic]; K for [Kissa] tea or coffee shop) operation
2006 Began Online Game Publishing Business
2006/7 Cooperate with Beijing Perfect World in Online Game Business area
2007/4 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“PERFECT WORLD -KANBI SEKAI”
2008/1 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“YUME SEKAI”-PLUS”
2008/6 Head office moved from Kagurazaka, Shinjyuku-ku to Kachidoki, Chuou-ku
2008/11 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“LEGEND of CHUSEN 2- SHIN SEKAI-” and ceased Net Café Business
2009/6 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“SANGOKUSHI –SEKIHEKI- and FPS-“BLACKSHOT”
2010/1 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“TARTAROS”
2010/4 Announced change of Parent Company from “ATLAS” to “Beijing Perfect World”
2011/1 Announced change of Representative Director
2010/4 親会社異動、パーフェクトワールドの子会社となり、パーフェクトワールドの一員となる。
2011/1 代表取締役の異動
2011/6 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“Forsaken World”
2011/8 Began our first Android Game Application “Fish POP”
2011/11 Began Commercial Service MMORPG-“YGGDRASIL”
2011/12 Began our first Browser Action Game Service -“Nindou”
2012/9 Began Online Game Service MOACT-“Dark Blood”
2013/2 Announced Sale of the Japanese Version of “Torchlight II”
2013/4 Mobage向け自社製モバイルアプリ「僕が君を守る」正式サービス開始
2013/4 Began the first C&C original product of Mobile Game Application “Bokumamo-僕が君を守る” on Mobage
2013/6 Began negotiation for the exclusive license of online game MMORPG “Neverwinter”
2013/10 Announced change of Representative Director
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